Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Random bits and pieces from the day...

Mark and I went for a walk. In the rain. Inside our cool rain gear. We LOVE rain gear. Came home wet on the outside and dry on the inside. Ahhhhhh...

Yellow leaves everywhere on the ground--a carpet of gold. The leaves are so pretty this year! We noticed that the sound of the rain is louder on the leaves than on the grass. That's if the leaves haven't started decomposing yet--if they're fresh leaves, then the rain sounds really cool on them.

Mark pointed out that the gold on the ground is last summer's sunshine. So true. Leaves and plants do such amazing things with sunlight! The studs and rafters and joists of my home--the bones of my house--are made out of sunshine. I live in a sunshine house.

Speaking of the rain, speaking of the house...we have a leak. Ugh. Same place as always, right alongside the skylight in the downstairs bathroom. Mark and I have agreed that the skylight has to go. And we can already tell that it's going to turn into one of those projects that is even more complicated than we think it's going to be ahead of time. Double ugh. We're hoping we can make it work until the weather is better...but we don't want the roofing timbers to rot in the meantime...ugh.

Remember a couple of days ago when I wrote about the simple little Thanksgiving meal Mark and I were going to have here at home, with just the two of us? Hahahaha. Yesterday at work, whenever someone asked me if we were hosting a big meal this year (they know we have a big family), I would say "We think it's just the two of us, but with our family, sometimes things change at the last minute." Ah, I know my family. This afternoon Arora started throwing up, so David and Holly will be staying here with the kids rather than going to Holly's parents' Thanksgiving gathering. We don't mind a bit, and it will seem more festive to have a celebration together...although I hope Arora is finished with her festive puking by the time we serve up Thanksgiving dinner. But do I know my family, or what?

I'm finished with my grading. Mark is getting close. (He teaches more classes than I do, so it always takes him longer.) Here's a funny comment I found on one of the finals I was grading. It's a writing class, and the question was something about reflecting on their writing over the term:

"Commas have always been the death of high school students."

Bwahahahahahahahaha...makes me laugh every time. Those poor dead high school students, stabbed by commas, bleeding on the classroom floor.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Have a nice Thanksgiving, Mom! We hope David's kids are feeling better soon. We made it to Seattle okay. Good luck with the skylight...that does not sound like a fun project.

Dorothy said...

"the gold on the ground is last summer's sunshine". Love it. Nice, Mark!