Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lost and Found

This morning's church program included a list of Lost and Found items housed in the church library, with a warning that they will be disposed of if not claimed by the new year!

At first the list contained the usual suspects:
*Big brown purse with colored pencils and plastic bracelets
*Pencil box with colored pencils, markers, and labeled "Hannah"
*Plastic bag of colored pencils, pencil box with crayons
*Children's books (titles included on the list), hand lotion, barrettes, a Clifford coloring book

Nothing too unusual about the list so far.

But then some fairly random things turned up:
Sewing machine regular foot attachment
     (Sure, I often bring a sewing machine foot with me to church...)
Tire pressure gauge
     (Huh? Checking hubby's blood pressure after dealing with the fussy kid?)
Potty Training Success DVD
     (OK, I get it that people in the potty-training-success-DVD bracket are likely to forget things at church. But why bring this particular DVD to church in the first place??)

After I had read those items, I began to read some other items on the list with a jaundiced eye. By then, even some items that didn't seem so unusual at first glance began to make me wonder:
Girl's shoe - size 13M
     (Wouldn't someone have noticed the missing shoe by now? And figured "Oh, yeah, we must have left that at church." How can you get your daughter ready for church for weeks at a time with only one church shoe?)
Lip gloss
     (Give me a break, library ladies. Lip gloss? Ewww. Just throw it away already. No one's coming after that one.)
Stuffed animals (No surprise yet - but look what species they are): Pig and Reindeer
     (Really? No teddy bears? Pig and reindeer seem fairly random to me.)

Gotta love the Lost and Found. But remember, you can only claim these items until December 31!

So step right up and claim your Pokemon cards, sippy cup, baby socks, hair brush, hand lotion, barrettes, scissors, black gloves, Clifford coloring book, and National Geographic Kids magazine. I know you've been wondering where they'd gotten to!


Anna said...

Fun idea for a post!

Lisa Lou said...

The girl's shoe made me laugh. I've seen a couple lonely shoes at the library. Poor moms. They probably don't even realize it's gone until they're home after running tons of errands.

Katie Lewis said...

Funny. At our church building in Provo there was a glittery Easter sign that was on the shelf out in the foyer for MONTHS. Finally when it was our ward's turn to clean the building it made its way to the lost and found. Which was probably pointless since whoever owned it had probably moved away. After all, it's not really the kind of thing you can not see when you're walking out of Sacrament meeting.