Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I made a wedding dress: Part II

Last month I made a wedding dress for Julia's sister-in-law, Michelle. Mark and I attended the sweet, simple wedding this evening. I snapped a few photos of the radiant bride and her new hubby.

Here's Michelle, a few minutes before the ceremony. She looked so lovely and so comfortable in her dress. No, I didn't make the veil.

Lanie, Michelle's new husband, is from Edmonton, Canada. His family wasn't able to attend the wedding in person, so they hooked up a Skype session off to the side. Lanie and Michelle are talking to his dad in this photo.

 Back view of the dress. I really like the princess seams in this pattern. They are always flattering, and really comfortable to wear.

 After the ceremony. Michelle getting ready to feed Lanie a bite of cake. Both of them were sweet and kind to each other, and there was no face-smeaing involved.

 Michelle and Scott, her brother (Julia's husband).

Michelle and her mom.

A final shot of the new family. Lanie and Michelle - about to leave on their honeymoon.

It was fun to be involved with their wedding by making Michelle's dress. I was happy that it turned out to fit her so well. Michelle was a beautiful bride for her special day.

Congratulations, Lanie and Michelle!


Sarah said...

Good job! Beautiful bride!

Dorothy said...

She looks beautiful and happy. It feels good to know you helped a little bit, doesn't it? It's nice to see a time-consuming project used and enjoyed!