Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autumn Hike on the Clackamas River

Mark and I hike for three hours along the Clackamas River yesterday. We left Oregon City in the fog, and reveled in autumn sunshine along our river trail. It started raining when we got back to town.

Oh, it was glorious! Here are a few photos to share the joy...

 The fall foliage was amazing.

 My fun guy found some fungi. 
(More about that in an upcoming post...)

 Our trail wound its way up and down. 
Sometimes near the river, like this...

 ...sometimes back in the wooded areas, over a carpet of gold, like this.

 One of several fun little bridges we crossed.

 Still life: vine maple leaf on moss.

 Back to the river again.

 We turned around and headed back just past this big bend in the river.
We think we had hiked about 4 miles by this point, but it was hard to be sure.
We saw an eagle just before I snapped this photo!
He flew away upriver before I could get the camera out...

 We ate lunch here, in the sunshine.

 Beautiful greens and golds...such a peaceful place to enjoy our lunch.

 What fellow left this track in the sand by the river?
A great blue heron, I think. 
He must be tall--his foot is almost as big as mine!

I couldn't get enough of the carpet of gold...

What a sweet, sweet afternoon with my sweetheart!
(Hiking in November = wear a hat, dress in layers, and keep warm!)

We hiked Clackamas River Trail #723. It's designated as a Riverside National Recreation Trail. You can see a map here

It's 4.6 miles in length, between Riverside Campground and Rainbow Campground. We started at Riverside and hiked downstream for most of the trail, then turned back.

In addition to the trailheads at both ends of the trail, we discovered another entry point about halfway along the trail. It's not marked on the map, but there is a sign for "Riverside Trail" along the road, with plenty of pull-out space for parking.

This is a great, low-elevation trail (ie, you can hike it when other trails are covered in snow) in the Portland area. We definitely plan to hike it again!

PS - Yes, I sang my hiking songs.


Anna said...

Whoa. That heron footprint is huge.I'm thinking it might have actually been a dinosaur. Watch your back.

Dorothy said...

Nice outing. I was just thinking that the leaves looked prettier and more colorful than usual this year...what a great time to go on a hike!

Katie Lewis said...

Looks like fun, Mom! I especially love that first picture of you with the leaf.