Saturday, November 5, 2011

Play Date

Today we had "Play Day" on the calendar, but we just couldn't get excited about a rainy day doing...what? After talking it over, we decided to turn it into a "Play Date" last night, instead. Mark and I both wanted to have a quiet day at home today, to get caught up on grading and lesson plans, with the end of the trimester just 2 1/2 weeks away.

First stop: Out to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen in Clackamas.

We decided to share a salad and a pizza, and we were quite satisfied afterwards. Who needs the full quantity of most restaurant menu items these days??

(Not to mention the calories and the cost!)

We ordered a delicious caramelized peach salad...mmmm! Then we enjoyed a California Club pizza on a thin crust. Sharing our entrees, along with the thin crust, kept me on my Weight Watchers plan. What a treat to have a delicious dinner out with my sweetheart.

After dinner we went to Penney's to shop for a comforter. We've gone back and forth for years about whether to buy one. Would it be too hot? Would we spend $$ on it and then hate it? Down? Down alternative? What weight??? Hmmm...

Have you ever bought a comforter? How did you decide? Here's what we did: We read all the labels. We handled the sample comforters to feel the weights. We decided on one, and then reconsidered at the checkout, when the clerk told us she had a different weight that she could use all year, but the one we had selected would be for winter only.

We ultimately decided on the medium-weight down alternative comforter. We were tempted by the down, but given Mark's propensity for allergic reactions, we decided to go with the alternative.

After Penny's, walking through the mall, we saw a hat store!

Mark has been wanting a good hat for quite a while. (Partly to show off his manly handsomeness, but mostly to protect his hearing aids when he's outdoors for a bit and it's drizzly out.) But a good hat can be hard to find. Not many stores carry a good selection of "man hats" any more.

We found this great hat, and Mark left the store a happy man.

The date was definitely a success so far!

Next stop: the cinema at Clackamas Town Center. We checked out the offerings and decided on The Three Musketeers.

If you're a family member reading this, stop laughing.

(I am notorious in the family for not enjoying movies, especially adventure films. What can I say? A little adventure is good for a girl once in a while.)

It was in 3-D. I suspect that many people would say the movie was fairly tame. But for me, it was fairly intense.

Long story short: Even though Mark saw more of the movie than I did (I closed my eyes and did deep breathing when the action got really intense), I enjoyed the movie. It's a classic old story, with a little bit of love, a lot of betrayal, a lot of swashbuckling sword play, and a healthy dose of a charming young fellow coming of age.

And I was actually fascinated by the 3-D effect. I have heard lots of people say that they don't enjoy it, or that it's not worth the extra ticket price, but for a once-a-year movie date with my sweetheart, it was a fun way to spend an evening.

We left the theater satisfied and happy. And I am happy to report that we slept very "comfortably" under our new comforter. In fact, we're kicking ourselves a little that we waited so long to buy one in the first place!


Katie Lewis said...

Sounds like a fun date!

We picked our comforter because it was only $8 on clearance at Target and it didn't look ugly. As a result, we have loved it through summer and fall already.

Sarah said...

New comforters are amazing! Companies keep coming out with the most plush and comfy materials! I've had a down feather one for five years. Jos calls it the "cactus". He says it pokes him...I have NEVER been poked by it. Hahahaha! Anyway I was able to pull it out of storage this summer and it's preety much brand new! New bedding is the best!
I love Mark's hat. It's true that there isn't much of a selection of men's hats. There's punky fedoras and basball caps. Josiah's on the search for an original "old man" hat. The quality and style back in the hat wearing days were so much better.