Thursday, July 28, 2011

Days 19-20: More playtime with grandkids

 It was wonderful to see Angela, Tim, and their kids in Nevada. They live outside of Las Vegas, in Henderson. On our first day there, we enjoyed some park time with Angela and the kids. Here she is with Audrey and JJ.

JJ is getting so big! Almost 18 months.

 On Monday we went to a wonderful interactive place called the "Springs Preserve." It celebrates the location (a spring) where Las VEgas was started. Sam and JJ got into the "trees" exhibit, where Sam dressed up like a bird and "hatched" a big blue egg.

 More fun for Sam.

 Later we went to an exhibit of venomous desert animals. The woman in the center is the naturalist with the rattlesnake. There's a camera on the table, and the image is projected on the big screen above. It was really cool to see the animals "up close."

 Along with the rattlesnakes, they had a gila monster. Uggghhhh. It was pretty amazing. Glad he was safely down on that table.

 That afternoon Mark and Tim worked on a little chair-restoration project. Grandpa's handyman skills are always welcome, especially when the young families are getting settled into a new home.

 We finished off the evening with a swim in the pool. So much fun! We were glad to see that the pool has a locked fence around it. (Tim w/ JJ, Angela w/ Audrey, Mark)

 Angela, Sam, and Audrey playing with the sea serpent.

 Tim with JJ.

On our last morning, we went into Las Vegas to see Tim's new workplace. He's been on vacation all month, but will officially start his new job next week. Click here to read an article from the newspaper about "Dr. West" and the work he'll be doing at the MS clinic.
 I didn't get an outside "front shot" of his work place, but it's really kind of strange looking. You can see pictures and read about it here. This is a photo of Mark, Tim, Sam, and Audrey inside the beautiful meeting space.

 In back of the meeting space, heading across the courtyard to the clinic offices.

Dr. West's office, with a view of Las Vegas.

Good bye, Angela and Tim! We had a wonderful visit...we'll be missing you!

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