Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 1 & 2: Oregon City to Three Island Crossing State Park, Idaho

We got out of town about 8:00 am yesterday morning. Enjoyed a leisurely drive around Mt. Hood on our way to I-84 and the Columbia River Gorge.

Stopped at a viewpoint east of Pendleton to stretch our legs and try out some landscape photos with the new camera.

Arrived about 7:00 pm at Three Island Crossing State Park in Idaho for the night. We had reserved a cabin next to the Snake River. It was SO beautiful there! There were lots of little gnats, but no mosquitoes. There were many different kinds of birds singing in all the trees, and pelicans and ducks out on the water.

We slept well and went for a jog around the park this morning. We enjoyed a visit to their interpretive center before we got on the road again. This was a major crossing point of the Snake River for pioneers on the Oregon Trail. The interpretive center did a nice job of explaining both Native American and Euro-American cultural issues, AND they brought in some of the environmental issues of the fragile desert ecosystem. I was very impressed.

I am posting via wifi at a McDonalds in Tremonton - another 90 minutes on the road, and we'll be at Mark's brother home for a 2-day family reunion.

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Dorothy said...

Hooray, you're on your way! Nice pictures, are going to enjoy playing with your new camera. We have used the wi-fi at McDonalds, too. It helps to have a post written ahead of time, because sometimes it is really HOT sitting in those parking lots! (Unless you go inside, which we haven't done yet).