Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

We had a wonderful visit yesterday with Polly and her family. Their sweet baby Rebecca will be 1 year old tomorrow! We drove up to Granger for the day and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them.
The family in front of their home.
Darling Rebecca with the fabric ball I made for her. She liked it!
(I almost have enough photos to post a tutorial on how to make them...coming soon...)
Rebecca loves to feed herself! Yum!
Katie...just chilllin'...until her parents saw her and told her to get down!
Seth with his popsicle. 
He's wearing his bike helmet because we went for a walk (kids on bikes) to the nearby Dinosaur Park!
Eric and Katie on one of the dinosaurs at the park.
Granger bills itself as "Where the Dinosaurs Roam."
There are dinosaurs all over town! No particular fossils discovered here, or anything.
Eric made it to the top! 
(We're not surprised, of course. Nor were we surprised when Polly told him to get down right now!)
So then Katie wanted to get to the top of the baby dinosaur.
And she did it all by herself - she just took off her shoes and socks so she'd have more traction.
Mark and I thought the baby dinosaur looked tamer, too.
Back at the house, some story time...
Seth spent some time on the computer. He got to the website all by himself!
Maybe it's dangerous...he's still in the helmet...
Eric made yummy homemade tortillas while Polly cooked fajitas.

We had a wonderful visit, and then drove home last night.
Thank you Polly and Eric! Happy 1st birthday, Rebecca!

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Dorothy said...

What a fun day! Story time with kids is one of my favorite things to do. But climbing dinosaurs with them could be fun, too...but I haven't been anywhere yet where they roam quite as freely as Granger. :)

Happy Birthday to Rebecca!