Monday, March 22, 2010

Family Time with Angela and Tim

We are having a wonderful time with Angela and Tim. We'll be here for two more days. Today we're going for a walk in Muir Woods!

Family photo
They live in Tiburon, California - just north of San Francisco.
The view of the SF Bay from their apartment balcony.
Grandpa Mark with J.J. 
(You can see a photo of me holding him here.)
We went to J.J.'s blessing at church on Sunday. Here are the men who were in the priesthood circle.
Angela put on a nice lunch in the Relief Society room.
Cousin David Haynie came to the blessing,
I haven't seen him since Angela and Tim were married 11 years ago!
Audrey and Sam model high fashion while they enjoy their gluten-free cupcakes.
Grandpa couldn't eat the chocolate cupcakes, but I caught him...
stealing a marshmallow Peep off the top of one of them!
Later the kids colored Easter eggs.
Then Angela organized a game to see whose egg could out-tap the others'.
The last one with an uncracked egg was the winner!


Dorothy said...

Fun family times! I hope you have a great walk in the woods today!

Hillary said...

How fun! We totally are bummed we weren't there. :( But it looks like a peaceful, fun weekend. Enjoy! We love you all! Oh, and hug little JJ for me. :)