Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

I love checking up on the family blogs, but I won't be on the computer tonight between 8:30 and 9:30 pm, local time. That's Earth Hour, an hour to turn off the lights and other electronics, to raise awareness about energy consumption and its effects on Earth's climate. I hope you'll join me in your home!

PS - I haven't used the car at all today! Went on a 5-mile walk to train for the Goat Mountain Gallop, then rode my bicycle to the grocery store.

Update at 9:45 pm
We actually turned out the lights at 7:30 because we were outside finishing up a last bit of yard work by the light of the streetlight outside our house. We went for a walk around 8:30. Got home about 8:50 and dug through the camping gear to find another head lamp (I had one in my pocket already) and a couple of candles. That was enough light to get showers and do a little reading until 9:30. I skipped blow-drying my hair, but we did use hot water.

This one-hour experience made us thoughtful about people in pioneer times, and today in developing countries, who use(d) so much less power than we do on a regular basis. Makes me want to be more careful about how I use lights and other electronics.


Dorothy said...

Oops. Guess I didn't know about that in time. It's 9:15 PM.

We went for a long walk today, too!

JuliaKoponick said...

I think we should do this once a week! If nothing else it would give me a time with permission to use candles. If I run my bath at 8:20, I think it would work out perfectly!