Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catching Up

Here are some updates from the last couple of days.

I finished my PSU class. Yay! All nine books and both papers. All put to bed. I learned a lot, and I'm glad I took the class, but I'm mostly just glad it's done.

Mark and I are packing for a road trip. We'll leave tomorrow right after work to head south, and we'll reach the Bay Area sometime on Saturday. We'll spend several days there with Mark's daughter, Angela, and her family. We're especially excited to meet little J.J., our newest grandson, born on Valentine's Day. We'll get to be there for his baby blessing on Sunday.

I started training for my half-marathon Gallop. Yesterday I walked 3+ miles of hilly Oregon City. This morning I got up and walked/jogged two times around the middle school track. Today I'm tired and sore! I did some looking on line, and I'm going to try the following schedule:
M/W/F work out at Curves in the morning
T/Th brisk walk - 3+ miles
Sat - brisk walk, gradually adding more miles each week
(Week 1-4 miles.    Week 2-5 miles.    Week 3-5 miles.    Week 4-4 miles.   Week 5-The Gallop!)
I'll try to fit in one longer hike if I can. I'll be concentrating on my walking form (posture, leg/arm position) and distance. The websites I looked at said to focus first on distance, not speed. I was pushing myself hard for speed yesterday, and I think that's why I'm sore today.

(Considering that I did almost no training when I walked the Goat Mountain Gallop two years ago, I think this will help me have a more successful experience. It would be better if I had 2 or 3 months to train, but hey--this event is held in April in Oregon. It was rainy-snowy-nasty 2 or 3 months ago! So I'm making the best of it, and I'm looking forward to my training schedule.)

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