Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Have you checked out The Skinny lately? Katie's doing a great job with her weight-loss goals, and I'm plunking steadily along. Lots of our authors post great recipes, and now The Skinny has a recipe index! It's on the left-hand side of the blog, just beneath the buttons.

Check out the recipe index for some great ideas for healthy meals. What are you having for dinner tonight?

Update on Baby Valentine: Cupid has a name! Joseph John will be going home to meet Audrey and Sam for the first time today! (Hospital rules prevent children under 16 on the maternity ward now, due to H1N1.)


Jenn said...

Kathy, I've been here before and I love your writing. It's no wonder that Katie is so good at writing with a mother like you! I love reading what you have to say...although I think I may have been 'just a looker' for a while =) You guys are great. And congrats on another grandbaby!

Hillary said...

Hey mama k!! Yes, I've been using the body bugg and it's marvelous... if you use it right. :) Meaning... if you're not going to have a very productive/exercise filled day, it's hard to reach your calorie burned goal. But, it definitely keeps me on track when I want to be kept on track. I'm still trying to get that motivation for myself... and I'm getting better. I'm not a lost cause and the Body Bugg is for sure helping me. :) Thanks for asking! I should start my own weight loss blog!!! It sure seems to be doin' it for you guys! Such great progress. I'm totally inspired. Love ya!