Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Grandson in the Double Digits

Be sure to check out my Week 9 post in The Skinny today.

Joshua turned 10 on Thursday! He's the oldest of my 17 grandchildren.
This is a photo of him at the cub scout Blue and Gold dinner, receiving his neckerchief to join the Webelos den. Next year he'll become a boy scout.

Seventeen grandchildren! Amazing! I certainly would never have dreamed of having so many grandchildren in my life. This little charmer, nicknamed "J.J." joined the family on Valentine's Day. (Can you tell that his daddy has red hair?)
And we have two more little ones on the due in June and one in July! To paraphrase the Psalm, I guess you could say that "happy is the grandma that has her quiver full" (of darling babies and interesting, growing children)!

Happy Birthday, Joshua, and welcome, J.J.

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