Thursday, November 22, 2012

Huff and Puff Before You Stuff

This morning we joined the Jenson-May clan for their annual "Huff and Puff Before You Stuff" event at a local park. I forgot my camera, but Dorothy had her camera with her as usual, and she kindly shared these photos.

 Here's the whole group. Left to right adults: Seth & Lauren May, Kara & Ben May, Debbie & Tony Epperson, Phil May (Geniel is out of state to welcome a new grandbaby), Ken & Dorothy Jenson, Polly and Eric Carlson, and me with Mark
 Eric with Anson, Mark, Polly
Katie, Becca, me

After several days of heavy rain, we were fortunate to have beautiful sunshine. 

After the Huff and Puff, we returned home to begin preparing for a feast. We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration today...lovely and a little noisy...but that's the price of a houseful of young cousins having a grand time. Mark hauled in an extra table so we could seat 17.