Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vegie Mania

I love salad in a jar. I'll be eating it for lunch three times this week. MMMmmmm...

(Even though it's from a vegetarian website, it's ok to add some meat to your salads if you want. I add a little leftover roasted chicken...you know the yummy kind you can buy already cooked at the grocery store on Saturday evenings...) (I might also be adding some pickled beet stems.)

And I love love love this new (to me) parmesan roasted acorn squash recipe.

Seriously, it is so delicious that Mark and I were fighting (nicely, but with forks poised) over the leftovers.

It was so good that it was all we wanted to eat. Tastes waaaaay better than squash that's been slathered in butter and brown sugar. Can't believe how sweet and savory it is.

It is also a super easy recipe. Once you get the squash sliced (the only hard part...get it? Hard part, as in the rind is pretty tough. Use a big knife and be careful with it...), there's nothing to it.

You should eat these things.

That's all. Just do it.

PS - Thanks for the acorn squash, Mom!


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Looks like lots of yummy things!

Dorothy said...

Last night I roasted a large hubbard squash with this method. Since I don't use parmesan, here's what we did: Brushed margarine on each slice, then sprinkled with a homemade vegan alternative to parmesan, which is basically nuts, nutritional yeast and salt blended to fine crumbs. We fed the missionaries and between the four of us that big old squash was devoured. Yummy! Thanks for the great idea! (Even though I altered it for our own preferences.)