Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Word of the Week: Selca

What is it called when you take a digital photo of yourself?

My friend Becky, a professional photographer, calls it a "score." But when I did a google search for the term, "score," none of the definitions I found had anything to do with digital self portraits.

I tried putting "what do you call a digital self portrait" into the search engine and came up with the term  "selca" (for "self camera" or "self capture"). It was listed in an urban slang dictionary, and on a blog that claimed it's mostly an Asian term (because photography is such a popular hobby with Asians).

(Slightly related: a link from the above site also warns about how some people look when they take photos of others.) (Translate: we can look pretty silly.)

So what do you call it when you're out snapping snazzy self portraits? 
(Really stupid???) (Slightly awkward???)

Whatever you call it, it's trickier than it looks!

And yet, I have been known to blithely turn the camera toward my not-so-trustworthy face, with often disastrous results. Oh, my. Full disclosure: I don't show these pictures to anyone. I really should have deleted them long ago. I'm only posting them now 1) because it's NaBloPoMo, and you never know what desperate random topic will turn up, and 2) because Katie* would totally post goofy photos like this and I really ought to just get over myself. But don't say you haven't been warned!

*Ok, maybe not so much. I went through a bunch of Katie's posts, and the goofiest photo I could find was this one, which is nothing like the awful ones you're about to see if you are actually foolish enough to keep reading.

WARNING: Don't try this at home! You, too, could end up looking pretty silly.

 Hmmm...can I take a good photo of my Veterans Day shirt all by myself?
 Apparently not...
 Hoo boy, she sure has long arms...that's a long way down!

It's so jolly hanging out here in the backyard trying to take a photo of myself. 
Let me show you a few more teeth.

 Here's the evidence that I did not heed the "no double chins" advice that you often read.

 I did a solo 50 mile hike back in 2008. 
Apparently I'm about to collapse at the first stream crossing.

 What? You mean the map says I've only hiked 3 miles so far?

 Hey, c'mere and pull me up the trail, will you?

 Such an elegant pose inside the tent by myself on a rainy night.

 Tough to come up with entertainment options under these conditions.
Sure, let's try another photo. Why not?

 I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair...

 Yes, I look so much better now that my hair is combed.

 If I have to swat another mosquito I think I'm going, heck, let's try a photo instead.

 Mother, is that you? I'm calling to tell you happy birthday.*
What? You say you don't recognize me any more? I can't really be your child?
(*This really was taken while wishing my sweet mom a happy birthday. So much for multi-tasking.)

But then...
...if you take enough awful photos...
...if you really really try...

...eventually you get it right.

One of my favorite photos of me. Ever. And I did it all by myself.

What? You read all the way down to here? Well then, just for you, here is a site that gives some good suggestions on how to avoid looking like a doofus. Have fun taking scores or selcas or digital self-portraits or whatever they're called!


Dorothy said...

Oh my. You are desperate for a topic to be posting all those. (But they are good for a laugh!) And I delete all my goofy ones...after I scowl at them. (And sometimes laugh.)

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

I remember seeing a number of these, but a few are new. I am not sure if I want to know how the first one came about. Chuckle.

Do you need some help with topics this month? ;-)

Love Ya!