Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all the veterans everywhere.

Special thanks and love to the veterans and active duty folks in my life:
My dad, Ken
My brother, Maury
My uncle, Charlie
My nephews and my niece and her husband: Aaron, Craig, Becky, Jason
My son-in-law, Scott, and his brother, Kevin
My former son-in-law, Mike
My daughter's brother-in-law, Chris

I love you and appreciate you and your families. You have made, and continue to make, tremendous sacrifices that make my world a better and safer place. Sending my gratitude today and every day.

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Unknown said...

There are so many to thank, who have given so much. For Kevin who is no longer with us, and gave his life in the service if our country, there is an even more tender spot on this day.