Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

(I am so excited that I get to go see this play in Provo next month!)

Now that we're home from our trip to Kansas, I've been working on a little "spring cleaning."

Yesterday I washed the curtains from the kitchen and living room. So fresh and clean!

Today I hauled all the books I've been collecting up in my bedroom.
I do a lot of my reading at bedtime or during the night...ah, insomnia...

These are (most of) the books I've been reading in my MFA program for the last 2 years.
They don't need to live in my bedroom any more...they are headed for the bookshelves downstairs.

What are you doing for spring cleaning? I'd love to be inspired by your ideas!


Dorothy said...

I cleaned out a bathroom drawer. :)

Mike said...

I love spring cleaning. I cleaned out the garage, and now I will start work on the yard. I will also be cleaning out the storage unit soon. Can you say "YARD SALE"!