Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cold and Wet

It's not just me. Even the weather man says that the Portland metro region has had a long and nasty spell of cold, wet weather. Yesterday we broke the record that was set in 1957, and have now entered the longest stretch of no temperatures above 60 degrees since they started keeping weather records in Portland. It's been raining all last night and all day today, and we are likely to break the record for rainfall in March, too.


Even the webs between my toes are starting to prune up!

I don't mean to complain, but I could sure use a little sunshine!


Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

So sorry! It's been generally cool here with drizzle several days this week, but nothing quite that bad.

Dorothy said...

The "magic hour" was pleasant this morning...wish you could have gone out walking with us!

Mike said...

We are supposed to get some rain, and a little snow.

I must admit, its the one thing I do not miss about Portland.. the rain.

Annemarie said...

Me too, friend--me too!