Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ran an Errand...

As in, I literally ran an errand today!

I had a couple of things to pick up at Walgreens, and I needed to get out for a run.

Hubby tried to tell me it was too far to run...but I really wanted some exercise.

I checked on (love that site), entered my home address, and after a few mouse clicks, I learned that it was only 1.3 miles round trip. Easy peasy.

I really love my new running togs. I'm motivated to get out and run because they feel good to run in, and because...well...I spent a little extra moola on them, so I need to get out and use them, you know? Got to get my money's worth.

Oh, I love this! I really am turning in to a runner!


Dorothy said...

It was a great day for it, wasn't it? Sunshine, semi-warm...and tomorrow might even be better. Guess you better keep your running togs handy to take advantage of the good weather while it's here! :) Maybe you can talk Mark into going with you next time!

Mike said...

I started walking again... 2 miles a day, three times a week. This morning it was very cold and was raining slightly outside. It was nice though. No traffic, no other people, just me and the rain.

The goal is to get back to running (it's on my bucket list). I'm not going to push myself as hard as I have done previously. I only get hurt.

I'm glad that you got out to do your run. I remember when you first started and you have come a long way in a short time!