Saturday, March 5, 2011

Humming Along with Annemarie

(I borrowed this photo from Annemarie's website. 
There's no way my elderly camera could take one this nice.)

Last night Mark and I stayed up way past our bedtime to hear our friend Annemarie Russell perform from her new album, "100 Reasons" at Mississippi Pizza in Portland.


We love Annemarie.

She used to live just south of us in Canby. She and I taught together for four years, when we planned wonderful lessons together for our Oregon Literature classes at Oregon City High School. She came to our home and taught Mark guitar lessons. Then she moved out of state so her husband could finish his schooling, and now they've settled near Seattle.

We miss Annemarie.

It was really, really wonderful to hear her sing last night. Annemarie's voice is a lovely, rich contralto, and it pours out of her like warm flowing honey. The combination of her deeply thoughtful, personal words (she writes all of her own songs) with her gift for melody and rhythm result in music that has me humming along (not last night--that would be today in the car, after listening to the CD) and thinking deeply about what she has to say.

I wish there was a way you could click a link and hear her sing, but I haven't been able to find any links like that. To hear her music you will have to go for a car ride with me, or you can go to her website and buy her new CD. (You should do that. Your money will go directly to supporting an independent music production, and you'll own a new favorite CD.) I want to say that Annemarie doesn't know I'm making this post. I was just so impressed with her music last night, that I really want to share it with others.

If you buy one of her CDs, get the newest one, "100 Reasons." It is by far the best. Her music has matured quite a bit in the last few years, and the CD was produced professionally.)

Mark and I listened to Annemarie play and sing for an hour last night. Then we listened to her all the way home from north Portland in the car (took us a while...we were a little lost..). I've been listening to her again today, and her songs are already getting stuck in my head.

Come again soon, Annemarie.


Mike said...

How fun. Sounds like you two had a nice evening together. I'm glad you could spend the time together listening to a dear friend sing.

Annemarie said...

Just read this post this morning, Kathy, and it made my day. So glad you and Mark could come. One day I hope you can hear me play a more "mellow" show in a venue where people really just sit and listen to the words . . . it's quite a different experience. I'll let you know if I play something like that in Portland. Hugs, friend.