Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Quite Decorating for Christmas...

A friend of mine calls it the "Christmas machine"--those high-energy rituals that officially begin the day after Thanksgiving and wrap up right after New Years. Whew! It's a busy time, for sure.

With last Tuesday turning out to be a snow day, I will have had 6 days off by the time I go back to work Monday morning. You can bet that the Christmas machine was revving up even before Thanksgiving here at this house!

I worked on lots of sewing projects, and did some shopping yesterday morning and again today. (I'll show you one of my favorite projects soon...)

This afternoon Mark and I put up Christmas lights outside the house, but that's the extent of the decorating we've done.

(Hooray for a afternoon without rain to be working out in the yard!)
So far, the only Christmas effects inside the house are the mess of projects! Feels so good to have the floor vacuumed again...

So this evening we tidied up, turned the family room into "Santa's Workshop" complete with "Keep Out" signs for the visiting grandchildren.

We'll get to the tree and the other indoor decorations soon enough, but  the Christmas cactus bloomed today, and that's all the seasonal decorations I need for now.


Polly said...

Sounds like you've been able to put your time off to good use.

Dorothy said...

Your cactus has a much prettier blossom than mine does!

David Mayer said...

Your lights look great this year! I actually just realized how long it's been since I saw the Laurel Lane house around Christmastime because of our years in Rexburg.

Have you been putting lights my tree in the front yard for a while, or is that a new thing? I really like it!