Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thesis Update: Week 4

Last week I set a goal to write 25 pages this week.

Here's how I did: Sunday-4 pages, Monday-1 page, Tuesday-4 pages, Wednesday-4 pages, Thursday-5 pages, Saturday-7 pages.....and the total is:

Week 4 stats:

Number of words this week: about 8,000
Number of pages this week: 25! I did it!
Number of total pages this summer: 85

Goal for the coming week: write another 20+ pages
Mark and I are planning to go camping one night, so I'm not sure it's realistic to try for 25 pages again, but I should be able to get to 20, at least.

Goal by Sept 1: 200 pages
115 to go!

1 comment:

David Mayer said...

WOOHOO!! Way to go Mom! You made a goal (and not an easy one, at that) and you stuck to it!

Thanks for your example, and keep up the great work!