Friday, April 2, 2010

My Map has the Measles

Ok, I know this is probably a once-in-a-blog-lifetime thing, but I am just so amazed and tickled to have had over 400 separate visitors to my blog today! And more than 150 yesterday! This is truly amazing to me...

First Polly very kindly featured a link to my Fabric Ball tutorial on her oh-so-crafty blog, Helping Little Hands. Then she forwarded my Fabric Ball tutorial to Rachel at, and Rachel put a link on her blog, which gets lots of traffic, yesterday. Then Anne at put a link on her blog today.

How cool is this? Scroll down the blog here, looking on the right-hand side, and look for the little map of the world that's a ways down...see it? See what I mean? It looks like it has the measles! Those are all the places people have come from today to look at my little old craft tutorial. How cool is that?

And just above the map is the little counter gizmo, showing...oh! Three more visits since I started writing this post!

Ah, well...the excitement will die down soon, I know, and I'll be back to normal blogging with a few faithful readers and an occasional random (and always welcome) visitor. Fame is fleeting. Polly and Katie will have many more visitors to their blogs over time, because I hardly ever post a craft tutorial. In fact, did you notice that Polly has a link on One Pretty Thing the same day as me? Those are (granddaughter) Katie's legs in the picture with the embellished jeans, the row above the fabric ball. And (daughter) Katie's bunny hat was linked the same day in the Easter section.

And speaking of being famous, today's links at One Pretty Thing include Dorothy's onesie dresses! Guess who sent an email to Rachel suggesting that she check out Dorothy's genius tutorial???


Annemarie said...

Wow, I checked out from reading blogs for about three days and WHAM, you've turned famous! How fun. I always check my blog stats to see how many people have read my blog. I got 31 hits in one day . . . that's my best number yet. Yours far surpasses that. Congrats. Looks like you had a nice Spring Break seeing family. It goes too fast though, doesn't it. I hope your new term is going well. I miss you.

JuliaKoponick said...

Maybe I need to make a crafty blog post. Only, I don't do that much that is crafty, so I am not sure what I would blog about. lol

Congrats on all your visitors!! You are spreading the "fabric ball" gospel. :-)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Love you, Mom! Glad you're getting so many visitors!