Thursday, April 22, 2010

April at the Oregon Coast

I was able to snag a little flex time today, and used it to run away to the coast with Katie, Bryan, and Olivia!

Gorgeous rain...steady winds out of the north.

Katie, Bryan, and Olivia at Haystack Rock

Making a new friend...he didn't say much.

Olivia's first time at the beach!

Oh, how I love baby toes!


Dorothy said...

I think a little of that sand was shaken out on my front porch tonight. :) I'm so glad you all had a fun day at the beach. Someday Olivia will enjoy seeing those pictures!

JuliaKoponick said...

It was lots of fun to see everyone. I love going to the beach, but babies don't always love it. Glad that Olivia handled it well!

Annemarie said...

What a sweet girl--and how quickly that baby is growing. Her mama looks great too! I'm happy that you are using your flex time to be with family and do relaxing outings . . . I'm sure you put in far too many hours as it is!