Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Day

Did you get fooled? I did. But before I tell you about that, here are some darling photos of Maddy on her 1st birthday yesterday!
Patrolling the kitchen.
"You mean I have to grow that big??
"Ready or not, here I come!"

Isn't she a cutie! She brightens every day here at our house. She's had a tough first year with lots of medical issues, but she is developing right on schedule, and she's always ready for fun. For sure, she's an extrovert like her mama! Maddy fooled us last year, when we all thought she was coming on March 31, but no...I think she'll have lots of fun with April Fools all through her life!

(Her darling dress was made by Dorothy, who does all kinds of things in wonderful ways. You can check out more of her cute projects here. Sorry, it's too late for the giveaway, but check out her post today for some easy gardening tips.)

Then I got fooled by...Mother Nature...can't do much to fight that. Yesterday was gorgeous, our only sunny day after a week of rain, and rain again this morning, with rain forecast for another week. 

Not that I mind the rain that much. I've learned to live my life with rain gear, and I haven't melted yet. Still, I was excited to get out in the sunshine! I came home from work, all set to put on my walking shoes and head out for a 3-mile training walk up hill and down, preparing for my 1/2 marathon on April 17. 

But then Mark reminded me about the lawns. And the forecast. And the fact that, out of four adults living in our household, I was the only one healthy enough to mow the lawns yesterday. (In April in our part of Oregon, the grass grows like crazy. You have to mow it at least once a week, or it becomes a horrendous job. We live on 3/4 acre, so there's lots to mow, and the other three adults in the house were all sick. Julia has bronchitis, Mark had missed two days of work due to flu, and Michael is still recovering from a sprained ankle.)

My consolation prize was that I put in nearly 3 miles, marching around and around behind the mower in our big yard. And I was out in the sunshine...

Finally, after dinner, Michael announced that he had some news. He was laid off last month, so our ears naturally perked up. He proceeded to announce that he had been talking with his brother, who has been a contract worker in Afghanistan for the last few years, and his brother had lined him up with a two-year contract, making good money, in Iraq. And that Julia and the kids would be moving to the east coast to live in Michael's cousin's house, and help take care of Michael's mom. And that...

At this point, Julia couldn't keep a straight face anymore. I was trying to pick my jaw up off the floor, and then Michael reminded me that it was April 1. Hahahaha...good laugh at the mother-in-law's expense. (That's ok, Michael...I'm sure this hasn't affected your standing as a son-in-law. Just remember that I don't get mad...I get even!)

Happy April 2nd, friends!


Katie Lewis said...

I thought you were going to say you got caught out in the rain with the lawn mower. Glad that didn't happen! :)

Dorothy said...

Uh oh. Michael better be on his guard!

Hey, cute dress for Maddie. (wink, wink!) although it does look like it will fit her for a LONG time! I hope she likes it that well. :)