Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Things I Love About My Garden on This Morning in June...

The lavender is in bloom! It just popped this week. The whole front of the house is lovely, lovely, lovely.

The blueberries are thick, and they will be ripe soon!

More flowers in bloom, and the evergreen shade garden makes a deep green contrast.

The funky little brick-and-stone path I made to fill in a weedy patch near the garden.

The garden! The squash have blossoms, there are tiny tomatillos and tomatoes, the peas are almost there...ahhh...

This dandy new sprinkler we bought yesterday. I had to twist Mark's arm just a little...

The backyard play area I am creating for my grandchildren. This is a work in progress. Stay tuned!

Learning to use the nail gun yesterday to create the play area border out of maple limbs. It will soon be filled with fresh barkdust, the weeds will be gone, and new swings will hang, waiting to tempt the little ones.

The cherry trees are loaded with cherries this year. Oh, I hope they are still on the tree when the family comes for the 4th.

The cherries I picked and ate for my breakfast this morning.


Dorothy said...

Definitely lots to love! :) I don't see the tomato plant volunteers in your photo. Did someone adopt them?

Kathy Haynie said...

Most of them were adopted from my Craigslist posting. The rest were deemed "weeds" and are now in the weed bin.

Katie Lewis said...

1. I miss those blueberry bushes.
2. I miss those cherry trees.
3. I'm glad you didn't shoot a nail into your ankle. Your stance looks pretty risky. And this coming from the scouting woman who always taught us not open boxes with the knife pointing toward ourselves.