Monday, June 8, 2009

Control Issues

I was the bossy older sister. I have had to learn to pay attention if I am to avoid becoming the bossy wife. I try to strike a balance in my life: I want to be a strong woman, not an overbearing woman.

Some of the ways I am a strong woman:
I pursue education.
I participate in activities that I love, such as hiking.
I choose to be compassionate to my family.
I write. I try to write the truth.

Some of the ways I sometimes slip into being overbearing:
I get cranky when Mark has messy areas (usually his dresser or his workbench).
I expect Mark to do things a certain way.
I make judgments about others.

Most of the time I am strong, patient, and compassionate. However, I also know that I secretly indulge in being a control freak in little ways. I think they are mostly harmless. Here are some of the secret ways I indulge my control issues:

1. I hang all my clothes in rainbow-color order in my closet. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Then white, beige, black.)
2. If possible, I hang my clothes on matching-color hangers.
3. When we remodeled the house, and I put up most of the insulation, I made sure that the printing on the insulation paper was right side up, even though it is now covered by drywall and no one will ever see it or know.
4. I keep things in certain pockets in my backpack.
5. I arrange my spice drawer in alphabetical order.
6. I secretly wish Mark would hang his tools on a pegboard. (I know it ain't gonna happen. But I keep hoping.)


Dorothy said...

hmmmm...I bet you also enjoy trying to "control" all those high school students...a new batch every period and fresh ones every year. :)

Seriously, I feel so much better knowing that all your insulation is right side up!

Sarah said...

I do the hanger and clothes color order too! except my beige is between orange and yellow and gray is between black and white. I also have alphabetical list of all the seasons and spices taped to the inside of my spice cupboard. ...don't tell anyone.

Katie Lewis said...

Hahaha... I'm still laughing about the insulation. :) And I'm a little worried about myself knowing now that this closet thing is hereditary.

P.S. Don't open my spice drawer.