Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday with Lala

Such a treat to have Katie and Olivia here for a visit this week. Why do all these dear grandchildren have to live so far away?

 Mmmm...fresh strawberries for breakfast!

 Helping in the garden

 A visit to the Oregon City elevator

 Sadly, Munos Bakery--a family tradition--is closed.
We had to resort to a donut from Safeway. 

 Footwear, Lala style

 Bedtime, post bath - see the darling curly hair?
Her mama asked us to keep an eye on Lala while mama took a shower.
We were reliable on the safety factor...not so much on the clean factor...sorry, Mama!

Evening...lovely foxglove in bloom...humming with bumblebees


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Looks like LaLa is getting the full grandma and grandpa experience. How fun for all of you!

(I have heard rumors that Muno's may be relocating to somewhere that isn't in the middle of a three year construction mess, but haven't seen them open anyplace new.)

Dorothy said...

These are tender, once-in-a-lifetime days to be spent with Lala at this age, and I'm glad you are out of school and able to enjoy them to the fullest. Love to all of you!