Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Help a Hero

This is Sammy.
Sammy is a hero.
You can help her.

Sammy is a student at the high school where I teach. She looks like a lot of the other high school girls except for two things:
1. She is in a wheelchair, and 
2. She grins this gorgeous grin when I see her in the hallway. I LOVE seeing Sammy. She always makes my day.

You can read Sammy's story here.
When you read it, you will be inspired by her great attitude and the things she likes to do. 
100% pure Sammy. She's like that in person, too.

You can help Sammy.
Sammy is in a contest to win a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. 
Her odds of winning the vehicle improve if people vote for her. 

You can vote for her here.
Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the little form.
(Don't worry about the promo code. The people at the school used all those up this morning.)
Just click the button and vote. 
Easy peasy.

Even better? You can vote for Sammy once a day!
The voting closes on May 13 (a great day...my birthday...)

So go ahead. Make your day. Help a hero.

Please leave a comment if you vote for Sammy!
And you can post about her on your blog or Facebook.
It would be great if you could help spread the word. 
She is such a neat kid.


Unknown said...

I voted. If you are using a iPhone to vote you can vote more than once a day, but you have to be tricky. ;-)

First vote, use your regular email address and have your settings set to wireless on. That makes the vote come from your home IP address and your main email account.

Second vote, use you secondary email address (you know you have one) and go to your settings and turn the WiFi settings to off. This means you will be using the IP address of your wireless carrier.

Third, vote once at school and once at home, again you just need to enter a different email address when you do.

I tried several other ways, and if you are extra sneaky like me, I am sure that you can think of them too. If you don't have a smart phone ignore the first two suggestions, but I am guessing a lot of your readers have them.

Okay mom, if sneakiness isn't your thing, you can delete my comment and just direct them to my blog, since I am posting this there too. ;-)

Unknown said...

Okay, so here is the link on my blog. ;-)


Unknown said...

Just to let you know that I am still voting. It seems like some of the more famous bloggers in the family might have more luck reaching a wider audience.

Thomas said...

A hero like Sammy deserves to have a wheelchair accessible van. She is an inspiration to a lot of kids, and it will be good if she will be able to go on and off the car easily. Having a car designed for people with disability will bring comfort and convenience. And the features that the car has will be helpful to the family as well. I hope that she wins on the contest!

-Thomas Wright