Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello, April

Some random thoughts from today...

I loved General Conference. I've been a Mormon for 40 years now, so sometimes I take it for granted.

But really...think about it. To be able to hear a real live prophet every 6 months? How awesome is that! And to live in the 21st century and have him speaking live over the internet?? Crazy!! I'll bet Moses would have loved to deliver his messages that way.

We heard the Saturday sessions yesterday at Polly's house. Today we were home, with our local grandchildren, (and their mom, stepdad, and another ward friend) here to enjoy the sessions with us. What a treasure to get to share these sessions, and the beautiful spirit that comes into our homes, with our sweet family.

The children were very dear both days.

Seth built with Lincoln logs.

This is Josh and Kat playing a "Conference Bingo" game today. Katie played a similar bingo game yesterday. Both Julia and Polly had prepared some good activities to help the children focus on the messages of conference.

Some of my favorite conference talks were:
One of the things I did while I was listening to the conference sessions was to color pictures for grandchildren that embodied some of the messages I learned from conference. I am excited to put these in the mail tomorrow for distant grandchildren!

A few more photos from our time in Polly's home and during conference today...
 Kat learned to crochet long chains of yarn. (Sarah did, too.)

Sarah enjoyed conference brunch of waffles and bacon.

This is a little random - from Friday afternoon - Katie at after-school basketball practice. I love this photo because I think it captures Katie's energy and beauty.

We loved our week with Polly, and now we love being back in our own home.

And I love love love being able to listen to inspired Church leaders that teach me how to be a better (and happier!) person.