Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kathleen Moments

It's always fun to share "Kathleen moments" with my granddaughters Kat and Katie. This week here at Polly's house has provided lots of sweet time with Katie. Is she really 7 already? How the time has flown since she first joined the family.

Schools in their town are still in session, so we haven't had as much time with Katie as we have had with the other three children. We did get to enjoy an awards assembly with her on Tuesday, where she received a "Student of the Month" award that celebrated her "great love of books and being an outstanding reader." Also "her smile and infectious laugh."
 Here are a couple of pictures of Katie outside her elementary school. 

On the walk home - she treads this sweet little path that Polly & Eric keep mowed through the sagebrush. Their house is only about a block from the school. Katie looks glum in this photo on purpose - she was refusing to smile for the camera right then.

Congratulations, Katie! She does a great job at home, too. Katie is a wonderful big sister to Seth, Becca, and Anson. Here she enjoys some sweet moments with her newest sibling.

Oh, what a joy it has been to share "Kathleen moments" with Katie this week!


Unknown said...

Glad you are getting Katie time. Kat is looking forward to seeing you this weekend for conference.

Alanna said...

How fun! I'm glad you're getting your Kathleen time with her. It's awesome that Katie made student of the month :)