Monday, October 11, 2010

Coming Up For Air

Just a short post. This is one of those weeks where I can hardly take time to breathe. I'm getting better about saying "no" to too many commitments, but this week...


It's just the October vortex, I guess.

Today the Statistics teacher told me this interesting factoid:
October 2010 will have...
...5 Fridays
...5 Saturdays
...5 Sundays
And this configuration only happens in October once every 823 years!

I'm sure that explains this week. I'm presenting 5 different trainings to teachers this week. That's five different topics to prepare, and I spend 2-3 times as more time on the prep than on the presentation itself. I'm also attending a 3-hour regional meeting in Portland one afternoon, and administering the state reading test to 75 kids on the very day that the state opens up the test website...hope the test system doesn't have any bugs this year...

It's way too much to cram into one week, but there are good reasons why they all had to happen this week, and they're all part of my job description. None of them are weekly, and only one of them is a monthly commitment, so it's just a coincidence that they're all happening in the same week. (I wonder what the odds are? How many more years before these particular events line up like this again?)

I'm not complaining. I love my job. This week, I'm just paddling as hard as I can to keep my head above water, swimming hard, trying to keep my head above the vortex.


Dorothy said...

Put on a few lifejackets, too. (A little more prayer, scriptures, and extra hugs from Mark...)

You will be wonderful!

Annemarie said...

Hang in there, friend . . . you WILL make it. And then you can take a breath and soak in the quiet and get some rest.

Mike said...

Look around,.. there is a life boat.. you can jump in and start the power motor!

Mark & Susanne Kelley said...

Actually, October will again have:
5 Fridays
5 Saturdays
5 Sundays
in 2021, I think. And at about that rate (eleven or so years) forever. I don't know who started that story about an enormous period of time, but a stats teacher should have spotted the error right away. Shame on him or her!