Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Trail

Hiking the east end of the Salmon River Trail this afternoon...

Math lesson: If you hike for 2 hours, and take nearly 10,000 steps, how far will you hike?
Answer: about 4 miles

The air smelled so fresh it made me smile to be out there. I had to take my own (slightly dorky) photo because I was hiking solo this afternoon. That's ok. You can see that I'm happy to be hiking.
To "fun guy" had to stay home and grade papers. Progress report grades are due by Monday.

(Get it? Fungi?? What a tired old joke that one is!)

4 creek crossings...
...x 2 on the way back to the trailhead.

This was the only one with a little bridge.

Sometimes I splashed daintily across the creeks like this:

Oh, the lovely
   lovely autumn colors...

I like to hike fast fast fast through the bracken ferns.

So much you feel like you are out on the trail with me?

I was solitary and quiet. The only sounds were the wind in the trees, the rushing creeks, and the chirpings and flutterings of the winged folk. 


I saw lots of trees that host pileated woodpeckers.

Never saw the woodpeckers, just their tidy square holes.

Time to head home...


Dorothy said...

I remember that bridge! We were with several plastic-wrapped and shivering ladies on a snowy morning in Spring headed out to go backpacking!

Nice pictures! I bet you didn't feel quite so alone every time you lifted the camera for a shot to share the adventure with your readers. :)

Anonymous said...

Kathy I could not get your videos to work :(

Annemarie said...

There is NOTHING like an Autumn hike. NOTHING.

I would have loved to join you, my friend. I would have hiked behind you in total silence, just soaking it all in.

I'm going to a women's retreat in the Cascade Mountains (near Leavenworth) the first weekend in November. Study, worship and cooking are the focuses of our time there. The two things I'm most looking forward to? I'll bet you can guess:

The woods and the silence.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Wow! You took some beautiful pictures. So glad you had a good time!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Wow! You took some beautiful pictures. So glad you had a good time!