Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Funny Guys

Today is the day I come clean...I have owed Chris Lewis a prize for playing "Pay it Forward" on my blog waaaaay back on April 9, 2009.

It took me nearly a year to get the prizes to the other two winners, Kendra and Dorothy.

I've felt guilty all this time that I hadn't sent the prize to Chris. After all, I try to be honest in my dealings with my fellow man and all that. But I just didn't know what to send him. He is funny and cool and he's the brother of my son-in-law and he lives far away, so I've only actually met him a couple of times. I didn't want to send him a dorky prize, you know?

So I've just been hemming and hawing and stewing in my own guilt all this time, whenever I think about it, which is maybe a couple of times a month, if that. (Sorry, Chris!)

But finally--ta da!!--I know what to send him, and the package is going into the mail today, as soon as I finish writing this post. (Well, maybe I'll eat lunch before I head to the P.O., but it will be soon, I promise!)

Is the suspense killing you? Are you curious about his prize?

Well, I'll get to that in a minute, but first I have to introduce you to:

Two Funny Guys

They are the Lewis brothers, Bryan and Chris.

Bryan is married to my beautiful daughter, Katie (which already shows you that he's smart and wonderful). Bryan is a college student, who will be graduating (yay!) in April 2011. In the meantime, along with being a great husband and dad, and a diligent college student, he set a goal to write a daily post on his blog, The Daily Post. Which is a happy thing for the blogging world, because Bryan writes really interesting (usually) and funny (sometimes) posts. I almost always learn something new from reading his blog, and I will be sad, sad, sad, when his year of daily posts is up.

And then there's Chris. Like I already said, I don't know Chris all that well. But every time I've been around him, and whenever I read his blog (brilliantly titled "Chris"), he always cracks me up. He's a funny guy. (So is his darling wife, Anna, who doesn't blog nearly as often as I want her too. She is also very funny. I keep trying to convince them to move to Portland, but no luck yet. Maybe I need to send them more cool prizes.)

So what to send Chris? Well, he's been blogging a little more often lately. And after he wrote about how much he wished he could win the prize from the book-reading contest at the library (here), and also about running a marathon all by himself--he made up the course himself and then just got up and ran the other day (here) and (here)--I finally knew what he would really, really love for his prize from me.

So if you're bored...check out those links! They'll make you smile.

And in the meantime...ta da!! is Chris's prize.

Chris will be checking his mailbox this week to find a lovely, handmade, reversible, personalized....


Wow--look at the running theme (fabric with all kinds of traffic signs)...

...and the wonderful reversable book theme (fabric with alphabet)...

This honey will be perfect for carting books home from the library...

...or toting running shoes down to the track...

...or maybe even off to the grocery store to fill it up with Oreos!

Now, if you didn't click on those links to Chris' blog, you won't be able to fully appreciate why he will be so excited to receive this tote bag in the mail. I highly recommend that you go back and read them. You won't be sorry, I promise.

Have fun with your tote bag, Chris!

PS - Curious about what I sent to Dorothy and Kendra? They got some of these cool vegie storage bags. Do I give out amazing prizes, or what?


Anna said...

Hahahaha! Chris LOVES totes. I'm not joking, he really does. He is always telling me I don't appreciate them enough. What a great prize!

Patricia said...

You are great, Kathy! I happen to think they are two funny guys, as well.

Bryan said...

That's really nice of you, Kathy!