Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Bells

Our newest daughter, Maleena, was married to Max Burns on Saturday. After weeks of rain, the sun broke through for a beautiful day! We don't have the photos from the photographer yet, but here are a few informal pics I took. The wedding was simple and beautiful, and the reception turned out just the way she wanted it. It was wonderful to have so many family members join us for the happy, happy day.

The cute little Pioneer Oaks Chapel where they were married in Portland. Sorry for the crooked angle - I was hurrying to cross the street when I snapped it. There's Mark holding Katie's hand in front of me.
Waiting to enter the chapel - holding her train. 
The bridesmaid facing the camera is Maleena's cousin, Amanda.

Nate and Mark. Mark is holding Blake (Nate's son). Blake was one of the ring bearers. The other ring bearer was Landon, Amanda's son. Neither one of them knew they were supposed to walk down the aisle when the time came, even though their mothers were both bridesmaids and beckoning to them. So cute!

Maleena and Max with parents and grandparents after the ceremony.

My mom and me. Don't we look great? 
We didn't even plan to have our dresses so nicely coordinated!

Maleena and Max at the reception. So happy!

David and Polly 

Three dear friends who gave up a sunny Saturday to help in the kitchen! 
Thank you so much Leslee, Bonnie, and Dorothy.

Eric and Polly and their darling children.

We had fun setting up the day before, too...
Grandpa Mark with Blake and Maddy

Kendra flew in all the way from Kansas. 
She was amazing! Thank you, Kendra!

Nate was amazing, too! Great job on the wedding video.

Ashley and Holly - two new babies on the way!

We wore Mark out.

Congratulations, Maleena and Max! We are so happy for you.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

It was such a nice wedding. You did a great job with the reception!!

JuliaKoponick said...

You did a great job, and did it with style and grace!

Kendra Last-Bookartist said...

It was nice to be there. Thanks for having me.