Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunshine and Self-Portraits

Our long-awaited sunshine has finally arrived! It's supposed to last for many glorious days.

What am I doing inside on the computer, when I could be outdoors soaking it up??? This will be a quick post.

You have to admit, all that rain did make the yard really green.
And the roses in our yard are right on schedule with Portland's Grand Floral Rose Parade today.
But the garden is a little too soggy. The plants really need the sunshine!
The lavender didn't care - it's popping its flowers right on schedule.
Come on, bees!

This morning over on The Skinny I wrote about 43 goals I've made for the summer. One of them was to learn how to take better self-portraits with my little camera. So as long as I was out taking photos of the sunshine, I decided to try a few self snaps. Before I started shooting, I picked up some tips from this website--funny but good advice.

Hahaha! I'll spare you the 18 dorky shots. But the 19th shot, when I was saying, "Hello Grandkids" to the camera, finally yielded this:
Not bad for a middle-aged grandma!
Hello, grandkids!
Hello, summer!

Last day of school yesterday, sunshine today, starting out on some summer goals...I am really ready for summer!


Polly said...

I've glad you're finally getting some sunshine!

Dorothy said...

I was so glad to see the sunshine come out! (Went to the Grand Floral Parade in Portland and we were thrilled when the sun finally made it's appearance...and then got hot!)