Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nine things that made me happy today

1. Going into Portland on the MAX train to go to a seminar. The seminar was a dud - left after 2 hours - but the train ride is so good. I took the laptop and some work to do, and just puttered while the train took me into Portland. It was nice and warm inside the train, too.

2. Finding out more about my new students as I worked on the train. Yesterday (first day of the term) they wrote on a 3x5 card with their favorite activities, something unique about themselves, what they do well as a writer, what they want to improve. I was a little intimidated by the whole group of them yesterday--38 kids, 24 of them boys--but reading about them individually I can tell that they are such interesting people. I can't wait to get to know them better.

3. Finding my way to the seminar from the MAX station. I walked about 6 blocks, and found my way with no problem at all. I love walking, and I love being outdoors. It was such a nice thing to get to do.

4. Riding home on the MAX train and enjoying the beautiful blue sky. It's COLD out - never got over 30 degrees today, and there was a wind on top of that, but the sky was so, so pretty. And it was warm inside the train.

5. Coming back to school and seeing Mark in the teacher office on his prep period. He was wearing his beautiful purple shirt. He looks so handsome, and I was so glad to see him again.

6. Getting a phone message from Polly to let me know that she and Rebecca arrived ok in Granger. They drove over from Seattle today to move into their new house. She knew that I've been worried about her making this move by herself, since Eric is still in Berkeley finishing up his dissertation. She is brave to do all this on her own! It was so thoughtful of her to call and let me know that she's doing ok.

7. Going to Fred Meyers to buy a new 3-ring notebook for my class. The new term started yesterday, and it's time to set up a new notebook for lesson plans, grades, attendance, etc. I love getting all those sections organized and ready.

8. Going to the car wash on the way home. Even though it's below freezing, I'm glad I went and got the car clean. I love driving a clean car!

9. Paying the car wash guys a tip. As I was waiting for my turn, I could see that there was soapy ice all over the floor where they get the cars soaped up. At 28 degrees! They must have been freezing! So when I gave them $10.00 for the $6.00 car wash, I told the guy that the change was a tip for him and his buddy. It didn't seem like much, but they were excited. The guy at the window yelled to the other one, "Hey, a $4.00 tip!" and then the other guy waved at me, too. I'm sure they like the money, but I'll bet it's even better to just be noticed.


Sarah Maughan said...

your post made me smile. :)

Holly Mayer said...

I don't know if that was actually 9 things. Maybe you just really like the MAX. Personally mass transit scares me. David thinks I'm silly but don't know all those other people sitting next to me and what if... . Anyway I am glad you had a nice day, and were able to enjoy the weather you were given. It was -5 today when I was walking to school.

Dorothy said...

I'm glad the Max was nice and warm for you! When it is so very cold, all your warm thoughts and deeds make the day rather cozy. Thanks for sharing. I smiled, too, especially when I read how the car wash guys enjoyed their tip!