Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Journal

Near the end of 2006 I heard about a unique kind of journal from my friend, Paulene Kerr. It's a 10-year journal, where each page has space to write a few lines each day, year after year, on the same date. Not sure that made sense...for example, for today's date, my journal gave me 5 lines to write about Thursday, Dec 27, 2007; Saturday, Dec 27, 2008; tonight I'll write about Sunday, Dec 27, 2009; next year I'll write about Monday, Dec 27, 2010; etc.

I like it for several reasons. One, the space is so small that I can always write at least a line or two before I go to bed. (If I want to write more, there are "overflow" pages in the back.)

The most amazing thing about this journal is being able to look back and see what I was doing on this date a year ago, or two years ago. By the time I finish the journal in 2017, I will have (probably) retired, and I'll be able to look back on eleven years of memories, date by date.

Two years ago today we got up early to go to the temple with Bryan and Katie and Bryan's parents, so we could all enjoy that special quiet place before the wedding the next day. Last year we went with Greg and Cheryl to the Air Museum in McMinnville. Good memories.

It's interesting to watch the day-by-day progress toward goals...or the day-by-day unravelling of something headed into a mess. Even after just three years, it's easy to look back and nod knowingly to myself, as I see lessons learned and insights gained.

Sometimes I'll turn the page and catch my breath - something unexpected happened on that date a year or two before. Sometimes those were moments of joy; more often in life, those seem to be moments of heartbreak. We don't generally get up in the morning and wonder to ourselves what catastrophe will hit that day. They're more likely to come zinging out of the blue.

When I ordered my journal three years ago, I ordered it from the company's website. Now it looks like they are selling it through


Dorothy said...

I have one, too, and just finished my third year of entries. Often at night, when I am writing my few lines, I'll quiz Ken: "do you know what we were doing last year on this date??" He (almost) never knows, but it's fun to fill him in. :) They are wonderful journals!

Katie Lewis said...

I really like this idea. Perhaps I'll order one for myself for the new year. :)

Mike said...

This sounds like a neat idea. I have read some of my journals from a number of years ago, which interesting to read. This sounds like fun.

JuliaKoponick said...

Maybe we will get them for our birthdays this year. It does sound like a great idea.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

what a great idea for a journal. i'm awful at journaling, because it overwhelms me, but i think i could definitely handle one or two lines a night.

thanks for stopping by my blog. of course i remember you! how could i forget the pioneer woman who taught us all how to make fire from char cloth and jute!

and also...i just became the first follower of "the skinny". so glad you and katie are doing this. so much easier when you have someone to tackle weight loss with than when you go it alone. good luck! you guys will do great!