Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please sit down and listen:

"Please sit down and listen: I'm giving you permission to fail. If you don't take the risks you won't get the growth. We'll minimize the exposure to failure through good thinking and communication, but: you will fail, and it's important, and it's valuable." (mentor to mentee)

This quote is on the wall over in the corner of the dining lounge at PSU. I'm sitting here eating a bowl of soup before I go to class, and I think maybe someone just went over there and wrote the quote on the wall before I got here. (I'm being facetious; it's a lovely scribed quote on the wall; no one scribbled it up there.) But anyway. I'm sitting here so tired, and I can't get everything done and I completely forgot to go to a meeting with the principal today, and I won't get home until 11:00 pm tonight. And then there's this quote. So there.


Katie Lewis said...

Way to skip your meeting and stick it to the man, Mom.

Dorothy said...

I like this quote. Not that it's fun to know we're going to fail, but because it gives us permission to try and then try again if necessary.

Hope you got a good night's rest!