Saturday, February 1, 2014

Morning on Laurel Lane

The sky was beautiful this morning after two or three days of rain, and I felt drawn out of doors before breakfast. The morning was fresh and beautiful, and I could have stayed outside for hours.

That sky! It called to me from the front steps.

 Still a few drops of last night's rain on the branches of the Japanese maple.

 Fat Albert! How you've grown!
You were supposed to grow no taller than 5' when we planted you in 2007.
I guess you like your spot in front of the redwood tree.

I learned to play with the "infinity" setting on my pocket camera.
I couldn't get enough of the morning sky. 

 Loved the contrast on my neighbor's bushes...

The new wing for 6th-grade classes - on the back of Gardiner Middle School. 

That sky, that sky, that sky! 
Over the Gardiner track. 

Rose Farm Museum, through mossy rose branches. 

When I looked up through my neighbor's birch branches, 
it looked like tiny hands waving at the beautiful morning sky. 

I wonder how this lone apple managed to stay on the tree all winter? 

I really should eat more kale.
Anything that can stay this healthy and green through an Oregon winter has to be good for you! 

My mom's younger brother, my Uncle Dave Holman was in town.
Next week is his 74th birthday, so Mom took us all out to lunch

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave!


Dorothy said...

Gorgeous pictures, Kathy! It's awesome to really SEE the world, isn't it? We have so much awesomeness just outside our doors. I'm glad you had some time to savor it today. :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Beautiful pictures, Mom!

Julia Taylor said...

I know where that lunch place is! :-)

Such beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the colors in the sky, and the contrasts on the ground.

I hear it is pretty white all around. Maybe it's time for another wall? ;-)