Sunday, February 9, 2014

Freezing Rain

Last night we had freezing rain on top of our 8" of snow.

 The view out the kitchen window.

 Icicles on the south side of the house

 Yesterday the neighbors made a 7-foot tall igloo!
They made the blocks by packing snow in the recycling bin.
It worked before the freezing rain fell last night.

 Somebody made a snow angel in the powder yesterday...

 And somebody went snowshoeing this afternoon
in the crunchy icy snow!
 We "hiked" over to the frozen wasteland that is Gardiner Middle School.
The little creek along the pathway to Gardiner
 Birch tree with snow
The frog pond (for storm water drainage) at the end of the street

We'll have "home church" later this afternoon. Then we'll see what the weather brings, and whether we have a normal schedule tomorrow, a 2-hour late start, or another snow day. I predict a 2-hour late start.


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I'll be grateful for our powdery easy to shovel snow we've got...and I'm hoping we have school tomorrow.

Dorothy said...

You guys are having too much fun. :) Love Mark's snow angel!

Julia Taylor said...

I hear you have no school at all fir Monday. We have the 6 inches from last week, and a couple inches this weekend, but we haven't been above zero, so no freezing rain/ice. :-)

Hope the weather gets better soon!