Saturday, February 8, 2014

Legit Snow

Here in the Portland area, we are snow wimps. Give us an inch or so and we call it a snow day.

Mind you, we do have our reasons:
1. We have lots of hills
2. We get wet, slushy snow because we live in a marine climate
3. It often freezes at night, which results in sheets of black ice
4. We are prone to freezing rain….i.e., more black ice.

But still.

Friends and relative in colder, snowier regions often mock us.
And I don't mind a bit, as long as I get my snow day.

Sometimes we get a little snow in February. I can remember 1 or 2 years that we had a snow day this late in the winter.

But 8-10 inches of snow in 2 1/2 days? Never above freezing?
We are talking legit snow here, my friends.

The snow started falling Thursday afternoon.
Friday we had a snow day.
It was still snowing this morning when we woke up.
And we're supposed to get more snow this afternoon.
And some freezing rain tonight and tomorrow.
Church is cancelled tomorrow.

I know you're anxious to see this winter wonderland, so I'm posting a few pics for you below.

 Our front yard on Thursday afternoon.
Our front yard this morning.
…and watch the snow collect on that little cone-shaped evergreen in the back of the top photo.
Friday…lots more snow...
...Saturday morning - still more snow!

 …the hummingbird feeder is frozen completely solid.
(Luckily our neighbor changes his several times a day)
 Meanwhile, we're feeding the chickadees, junkos, and other little birds.
 And we have clear evidence that the birds were looking for bugs hiding in the siding of our house.
Hooray for protein!

 Before Mark shoveled the front walk the first time.
 After shoveling Saturday morning.
Then we went and shoveled some of the neighbor's sidewalks.
Good exercise!

 A walk in the snow with Sarah, Kat, and Nana.
Kat, Nana, Sarah
 Mark, Mom, me
(this was Friday morning)

 A few more pics from today - 3rd day of snow
 View of the back yard maple
Same view from a lower angle.
Yikes! The snow is trying to come in!

SO THANKFUL for indoor plumbing…snow days…electricity…sweet people in my life.

Stay warm! I'm heading off to make some hot chocolate. 

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Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

We finally got some legit snow last night. We'd had a little earlier in the week, but not much. Now we don't have church today...which is a bit of a bummer because it just delayed mine and Eric's would be nicer to just get them over with. Your pictures are beautiful!