Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm happy this morning.

It's my friend's birthday. Happy birthday, Dorothy! If you don't know Dorothy yet (and if you do!) take a moment to drop by her blog and wish her a happy day. You'll find thoughtful reflections about her garden, hilarious photos of her husband breaking in, a wonderful mix of wisdom and fun.
Last summer at Sparks Lake
Ken, Dorothy, me, Mark

I'm taking my last course for the MFA degree program at PSU. It's a literature course, Arab American Literature. I had been dreading another literature course (term papers to write!), but this is going to be great. The instructor, Diana Abu-Jaber, is a writer herself, and she wants our final papers to be creative. She gives us weekly free write assignments. The students in the class are interesting and thoughtful. The reading schedule is not going to kill me off. She sometimes forgets to give us assignments because she's busy with the book tour for her newest novel. After this course, then I just have to finish that thesis...

I listened to happy music on the radio last night. Haven't heard it in a while, but I clicked the station, and "Soul Sister" by Train came on. Take a minute to enjoy a fun song. It has a ukulele! Get up and dance! Happy music, for sure. (Sorry, there's a 10-second ad at the beginning.)

Want some more happy music? Try this oldie from Billy Joel. It came on the radio last night after "Soul Sister"! Hearing Billy sing "The Longest Time" always makes me think of how much I love Mark, and how lucky I am to be married to him. When we married back in 1994, it seemed like I hadn't had a strong and caring relationship for "the longest time."

I am a blessed, happy girl. I hope you're happy today, too!


Dorothy said...

And a Happy Day to you, dear friend! Thanks!

Lisa Lou said...

You are almost done!!!
Thanks for the fun post!

Sarah said...

Good music! I love that song by Train and you just reminded me that I don't have it on my sewing room playlist. :)

Katie Lewis said...

Oh, Billy Joel. :)

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

So glad your class is going to be kind to you! Love you...and fun songs. :)