Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you, Dads

I am so blessed by the fathers in my life.

My dad was the first man in my life. His hands held me when I was a tiny baby.
Here is working on yet another project for me.
 Dad with Maddy
 Dad with David
 Dad - Christmas
Dad and Mom - always a team

 Mark is my best friend and sweetheart. 
We work hard all school year...
...and we play hard in the summer!
 Mark with Abbi, Charlie, Arora, David
 Mark snowshoeing with Josh, Kat, Sarah
 Mark with Arora
 Mark and me at the start of the "Best Dam Run"
 Mark and Maddy
 Mark - 56th birthday at the beach
 Mark with Maddy, Arora, Seth
 Mark helping with chores
 Mark with Olivia and a good book
Mark and me camping at Olallie Lake

I have such wonderful sons, step-sons, and sons-in-law.
I'm listing their photos here in alphabetical order.
 Bryan with Katie, Olivia, and Trish (his mom)
 Bryan with Olivia on her blessing day
 Chris with Charlie, trick-or-treating
 Chris and Kendra
 David with Holly, Arora, Ender
 David with Arora on the Clackamas River Trail
 Eric with Becca and Ender
 Eric with Becca on her blessing day
 Jayesh with Josh and Chris (friend)
 Josh with Ethan, Nate with Blake, on Ethan's blessing day
 Josh with Ethan
 Max and Maleena on their wedding day
 Max and Maleena...a long time ago... :)
 Mike with Maddy
 Nate with Ashley, Blake, Kenadi
 Nate helping decorate for Maleena's wedding
 Scott and Julia
 Tim and Audrey
Tim with Audrey and Sam

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men in my life!

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Mark Haynie said...

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I look forward to all our new adventures we will have together. Love -Mark