Friday, June 17, 2011

A Quick Afternoon Hike to Mirror Lake

I joined up with Julia and the kids, and her new sister-in-law Michelle, for a quick afternoon hike to Mirror Lake today. After all the whining I've been doing all spring about the cold rainy weather, we could not have asked for better weather. It was in the mid 70s with a nice breeze. The trail is mostly shaded, with a 700' elevation gain, so it was perfect for hiking. It's only 1.4 miles to the lake. We hiked there and back in just under two hours.

The lake would be a better mirror for Mt. Hood without the breeze.

Kat, Josh, and Sarah
This was their first time at the lake. Too cold to play in the water today!
Yes, that is SNOW they are standing on.

Kat, Sarah, Julia, Josh, Michelle
On our way back down the trail.
I was standing below them on a lower switchback.

I wish the picture quality were better. All I have for now is my cell phone. did take our defective camera back for a full refund, but I have yet to buy a new camera.

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Dorothy said...

That's a sweet hike to take with kids...we went last fall with the canby grandkids amd they loved it. Your photos look fine! Sometimes it is more fun to use a cell phone camera...there's no pressure to have the image look "good".