Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maleena's Baby Quilt

Here are some photos of a baby quilt I made for Maleena's recent shower.

I love the panel. Bought it on etsy from Cherry Lane Textiles. Here I am laying out the quilt top and back with the batting. It's small enough that I didn't worry about using a quilt frame. I just ran some big basting stitches through the whole thing...

...and then I quilted it using the big hoop that Kendra left behind when she moved away.

Someone asked me why I didn't quilt it on the machine. The real answer is that I don't know if my sewing machine will do a nice job of that, or leave the top all bunchy. But the better answer is that I love hand quilting (I do!) and it was fun to think about baby Hunter as I made each stitch for him.

Here's the finished quilt.

I bought more fabric on the same etsy shop to make the back and the binding. The three fabrics contrast and coordinate, because the front panel has so many different motifs. Katie made the binding for me, the same as the other bindings and darling things she sells in her esty shop.

Love the contrasting - coordinating back.

A closeup of the three fabrics, including the binding that Katie made for me.

Maleena loved the finished product!

Now all we need is the baby!

Don't can click here for Cherry Lane Textiles on etsy.

And click here for Katie's shop. If you want a custom binding, you can email her.


Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Looks great, Mom!

Dorothy said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the look of "real" quilting, too. There's so much love in every stitch. Nice job. :)

The Burns Family said...

I personally loved the quilt. and it was so nice that mom did it all by hand. it made it that much more special.. Thank you mom.

Katie said...

It turned out great Mom!