Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Think Out Loud - the link

I have to admit, it was very cool to be in the radio studio this morning. The sound booth is a very small room with very large microphones that hang right in front of your face. Emily Harris, the interviewer and host of the show, was welcoming and put me at ease. Then she moved that show along. I think she was harder on Tony Alpert, the guy from the Oregon Department of Education, than she was on me. And she was very nice to Lindsey Lopez the student I brought with me. Lindsey did a great job on the air.

Back at the high school, my substitute linked on to the show, and my students had to take notes. Makes me smile...one of the boys even got brave and went online and posted a comment on the show. I was proud of him to do that, because he's struggled a lot with writing. (And then another commenter critiqued my student's post - gimme a break!)

You can listen to the interview here.

At least, I think you can. I tried to play it this evening, but it cut out after a while. I didn't have time to try again...too many writing papers to grade...

This is a photo of Emily Harris, the host of Think Out Loud.

And this is a photo of the sign where I got to park at the OPB studio parking lot. Ha! My own reserved space. 

I wanted to take a photo inside the sound booth, but they were very strict: all phones completely off. Since my camera broke last week, my cell phone is the only camera I have at the moment...why does this sound like my teenage students?

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Lisa Lou said...

Hmmm... it kept cutting out for me too. I'll have to keep trying. Congrats though! How fun!