Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Many Mothers in My Life

Happy Mother's Day! I confess that some years I haven't enjoyed this holiday so much. I think I sometimes look at the ideal, and compare myself to that...and that's pretty frustrating! But when I stop to count my blessings as a mother, daughter, sister, my cup runs over with gratitude for being a mother, and for being mothered.

Warning: Long post! Lotsa pictures! They're in alphabetical order...

 Angela and Audrey

 Angela, Sam, Tim

 Angela with Ethan

Ashley and Nate 

Ashley with Nate 

 Ashley with Blake

Hillary with Josh at their wedding 

 Hillary with Ethan

 Hillary and LaVerne

 Holly and David

 Holly, Arora, David

 Holly and Ender

 Julia with me - Cub Scout leaders

 Julia with Maddy and Josh

 Katie and Olivia

 Katie and Olivia

 Katie and Bryan with Olivia

 Kendra with Abbi and Becca

 Kendra and Chris

 Kendra and Lilly

 LaVerne and Maleena

 LaVerne with Bill

 LaVerne and me at Morro Bay

 Maleena with Mark and me at her adoption

 Maleena with Dad

 Maleena with Nana and Granddad

 My Mom (Nana / Nancy) and me

 My mom teaching Sarah "I Am a Funny Little Dutch Girl"

 My mom and me in our Camp Natoma sweatshirts

 Polly with me and Katie

 Polly and me working on Maleena's quilt

Polly with Becca and Ender

Happy Mother's Day! Even though Mother's Day sometimes brings an isn't perfect, and days like this remind of us our hopes and expectations and what is ideal...which we are NOT! But life is good and love is deep, and I am so grateful to be a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, and friend.

Sending hugs to YOU on this beautiful Mother's Day.


Hillary said...

What a great family we have! You are so awesome. Love you too!!!!

Annemarie said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful daughters (and daughters-in-law) with all their little ones. What a gift that you not only have your girls and their babies, you also have your mom and Mark's mom too . . . your life looks full and rich of the company of women.

Let's NOT forget one of the most amazing mothers I know: The wonderful Kathy Haynie!

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

Fun to see all these pictures. Sorry I'm late in commenting...not sure how I missed seeing this post earlier.