Monday, March 2, 2009

43 Things

Here are 43 things I want to do...

1.  Hike the Appalachian trail (at least part of it)
2.  Hike 50 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail
3.  Build a deck in the back yard
4.  Build a front porch
5.  Write 15 pages every day this summer
6.  Write a book
7.  Lose 10 pounds (so I weigh 135)
8.  See Mark Kelley again
9.  See Ann McConnell again
10. Ride trains in Europe
11.  Hike in Hawaii
12.  Become a bike or bus commuter
13.  Get color-coordinated hangers for my clothes
14.  Take my grandchildren backpacking
15.  Hike from the Clackamas River to the Salmon River
16.  Teach some classes at Clackamas Community College
17.  Volunteer at a hospital to hold babies
18.  Take a whole day off
19.  Earn a MFA degree
20. Make a brick path in my yard
21.  Go jogging regularly - like once a week
22.  Make a quilt 
23.  Take a geology class
24.  Build an arbor
25.  Read 5 new books this summer - not teaching books
26.  Line all my dresser drawers with pretty paper
27.  Organize the family photos
28.  Organize the electronic family photos
29.  Take a cross-country skiing lesson
30.  Volunteer at Camassia
31.  Volunteer to help with trail maintenance
32.  Invite my neighbors to a barbeque
33.  Make cookies for the neighbor kids
34.  Figure out a system to send out family birthday cards/gifts on time
35.  Go on a road trip to visit our family
36.  Go on a road trip just for fun - to someplace we've never been before.
37.  Send out last year's Christmas cards
38.  Do the Goat Mountain Gallop
39.  Climb Mt. St. Helens
40.  Eat vegetarian meals 3x per week
41.   Buy new hiking boots
42.  Buy new cute shoes for church
43.  Surprise Mark once a week


Katie Lewis said...

Watch out when surprising Vati. Every now and then I surprise (startle) Bryan (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not) and if it catches him off guard too much I am in danger of being punched.

Bryan Lewis said...

5) 15 pages of a novel? Journal? Poetry? All/any of the above?
24) What’s an arbor? I thought it was just another word for “tree.”
I am very impressed with your goals. Hiking seems to be a theme throughout. Too bad it didn’t work out last summer for us to go hiking with you. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity again!

(P.S. When Katie startles me, I never intend on punching her--it is just natural reflexes that have developed from growing up with Chris. But it is mostly her fault. As my mom always said, "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned.")

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Hahaha...I am rarely able to truly surprise Eric, but he has the same reflex as Bryan...although it's not quite a punch, it's more of a swinging grab.

So I like your goals, Mom. It's funny...I think we often eat vegetarian meals at least three times a week, although I don't really plan it intentionally. Our tacos are usually vegetarian using beans and rice instead of meat and we eat those a couple times a week. Then the last two "meals" I made were the veggie enchiladas and a dish called "Spicy Southwestern Pasta" which both have beans as their protein it's been over a week I think since we served meat for dinner...maybe a week and a half...but I think fajitas and tuna casserole are next, so it won't last.

Holly Mayer said...

wow those are some great goals. at the gym there is a sign that says the higher you reach the better the outcome. or something like that. Keep working on these goals. you can go on a road trip out here!

Patricia said...

We live pretty close to the Appalachian trail. We'd love to have you and Mark come and visit. You could also see the sights in D.C.
You are honestly welcome any time.

Kathy Haynie said...

The idea of "43 Things" comes from a website with the same name. It's a social networking website; I've never used it that way, or even posted my own goals online, but I just like the idea of coming up with a long list of things I want to do. I made a list like this a couple of years ago, and I've completed about half the things on that list. Some of the things I haven't done on the earlier list showed up on this list, so I guess they're still important to me. (I didn't consult the earlier list before I made this one.)